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Recreational vehicle insurance

Recreational vehicle Insurance

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Recreational vehicle insurance applies to anything you'd drive on land or water that's not considered an automobile. This includes boats, RVs, off-road vehicles (ATVs, dirt bikes) and others.

Recreational vehicle insurance

What does Recreational Vehicle Insurance cover?

Recreational vehicle insurance is slightly different from standard automotive coverage in that it contains elements from both home and auto policies. You can take out a policy that protects against types of physical damages and there are also RV policies that would protect your personal belongings.  Medical care and liability coverages are also common. Some features of recreational vehicle insurance include:

  • Specialized policies based on your vehicle types.

  • Collision and liability coverages.

  • RVs carrying personal property replacement.

Boat Insurance

Your boat is an investment, and you should treat it that way by obtaining insurance coverage on it year-round. In many cases coverage is not require by state laws, your lien holder is likely to mandate coverage.

There are several types of boat insurance available, including watercraft liability coverage, watercraft medical payments coverage, property coverage, repair cost, emergency services, uninsured watercraft coverage, and more. Contact an agent to learn what's best for you.

How Much Does
Recreational Vehicle Insurance Cost?

The rates for recreational vehicle insurance depends on a few factors.

The cost of recreational vehicle insurance is based on the value of the vehicles you wish to cover, your geographic region, and several other factors. Since this is a highly specialized policy, we recommend contacting LINKS today to ensure the best possible coverage at the most affordable prices.


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