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Builders risk insurance

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What is builders risk insurance?

Builder's risk insurance is a specialty property insurance policy that protects your home and other dwellings while they are under construction.

Builders risk insurance

What does builders risk insurance cover?


A builder's risk policy is designed to cover any property liabilities on a jobsite, such as construction materials, heavy equipment, and fixtures. It specifically protects properties for a specifiied amount of time during the building phase. It is worth noting that this is a state mandated coverage in many states/areas. 

Builder's risk provides protection against a few things, including:

  • Instances of theft or vandalism.

  • Wind, fire, and other perils.

  • May cover floods and earthquakes in certain areas.

  • and more...


Some things to consider about builders risk insurance...

Builder's risk is an important coverage, and is an especially good fit for construction site managers, design/build firms, general contractors, highway contractors, civil contractors, and specialty trade constractors.

Policies can typically be written in several different periods, for example, three months, six months, or twelve months. A builder's risk policy should be aligned with the construction budget in order to obtain the right amount of coverage.

How much does
builders risk insurance cost?

The overall cost of Builder's Risk Insurance can vary depending on a few factors.

The cost of builders risk insurance varies based on state laws, the type of construction project, the length of time coverage will be in effect, the number of workers involved, deductible preferences and several other criteria.  Talk to a LINKS representative today in order to determine the perfect coverage for your next project.


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