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What Sets Links Insurance Services Apart?

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It’s a diverse marketplace out there, especially when it comes to insurance. We know there are a variety of independent and corporate agencies out there that we’re competing against. However, we believe that there are three major factors that set us apart from the competition.

All the Advantages of Scale…

Links Insurance Services, while not publicly traded,  is large enough to give us an advantage in serving our clients because of the structure of insurance carrier requirements. Carriers require a commitment from an independent agency that binds the agency to selling a particular amount of their insurance before they will partner with them.

A smaller agency simply doesn't have the resources to sell as much insurance, so they can only realistically have a couple of carriers. Links’ size gives us the ability to represent 20+ carriers, which benefits the client by offering them far more choices when it comes to pricing and coverage options. It also gives the client security in knowing that the policies they are choosing from are actually tailored to his or her unique situation.

...Without the Disadvantages of Scale

The larger an agency gets, the less personalized service you can begin to expect. It only makes sense, right? The caveat here is that Links Insurance Services places an enormous emphasis on preserving the personalized touch you receive from a smaller agency. You can see this firsthand by how we’ve designed our customer service process.

For starters, we have a dedicated internal claims department, a rarity among insurance agencies. The department’s only focus is handling claims, which allows us to guide our clients through the entire process. Considering filing a claim may well be the most stressful and uncertain time in the entire insurance process, we’d say that’s pretty significant. Our current clients tend to agree.

What’s more, we continually create educational assets for different aspects of the insurance world with both prospective and current clients in mind. They provide insightful takeaways that not only help you make better decisions, but alert you to what you don’t fully understand about the coverages you may need. If you do have questions, we offer customized assistance to help you make informed decisions for insuring your home and/or business.

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We Bring a Dual Focus to the Insurance Landscape

Unlike many other agencies, Links doesn’t focus exclusively on commercial or personal insurance options. Instead, we offer a complete solution for all of a client’s insurance needs. For instance, if you insure your business with Links, we can offer advice and policies for insuring your personal lines (auto, home, etc.) as well.

Many of our current clients appreciate the option to insure all of their interests with us, but what they value even more is the fact that we don’t compromise the quality of either commercial or personal insurance in doing so. We have separate departments for both types with plenty of experts in each. You can rest assured that you’re getting high quality advice with us, no matter what type of insurance you’re looking for.

Ready to experience what makes Links different when it comes to finding excellent, customized insurance? Get a free quote today.

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