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Are You Getting The Full Benefit of Working With Links?

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Most insurance companies give you their full and undivided attention when selling you a policy, but maintain little contact afterwards outside of automated letters and notices. We are not “most insurance companies.”

What Make Us Stand Out?

At Links Insurance Services, we understand that while insurance comes as a second language to us, we want our clients to feel like they understand what they are purchasing, too. We emphasize strong relationships with clients and ensuring they’re not only properly covered, but satisfied and knowledgeable about what’s protecting them. Here’s how:

  • Our claims department is in-house, so you can be assured you’ll get customized assistance through every step of the process.
  • We help commercial clients prepare for their annual premium audits.
  • Location, location, location. Our home base is in New Jersey, where most of our clients can stop in and see us or schedule an in-house meeting with our representatives.
  • We have the time to build solid foundations in our client relationships. That means our current customers can expect ongoing educational insurance assets and advice, and customized assistance that helps them continually make smart decisions for their home or business.

We find it difficult to sell insurance plans to people without having a full understanding of their unique needs. That’s why we set ourselves apart as an agency that continually works with our client, not just for them. You’re much more than an account.

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The 'Sweet' Spot

When doing business with a smaller agency, it’s routine that a client will only have the opportunity to deal with the producer on their account, which comes with its pros and cons. The main con, in practice, is that the producer is the client's only method of contacting the agency, and schedules may not align.

Large agencies are typically even more difficult. With an increase in size comes the automated responses, ticket numbers, and wait times.  A large agency may never even give you the opportunity to talk to the producer on your account. Worse yet, you may struggle to speak to a live, knowledgeable insurance person.

Links falls into the sweet spot. We’re small enough to deliver personalized attention, but large enough to connect our clients to a customer service representative when they need one. Our clients can have confidence in reaching out to their producer, who is typically reachable and, if not, will connect you to someone who is. No matter who you talk to, we will take the time to talk through any questions you have.

3 Things Current Customers Can Do

One of our top concerns is ensuring our current customers are aware of all of the benefits they have access to through us. That being said, here are three resources that our clients should utilize:

  1. Our commercial clients can download our free comprehensive guide to understanding small business insurance.
  2. Head on over to our blog and take a look at some of our rich insurance resources.
  3. Reach out to one of our insurance advisors and better understand exactly how your policy protects you.

Links puts exquisite, ongoing customer service at the top of our list of priorities. We know how much of a difference it makes in terms of how our clients feel about us. Don’t hesitate to reach out and talk to an advisor today, you can reach us by phone at (732)-449-4200. 

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