Incredible Insurance With No Extra Baggage

Now available from advantage Specialty: An all-new Worker’s Compensation Safety Group exclusively for Restaurants, Bars Taverns, Hotels, Motels and B&B’s in New Jersey

Competitive Pricing Up to 20% Off Manual Pricing

  • Pay as You Go Available
  • Dividend of up to 40%! (Based On Performance)

How the Dividend Works:

Case Incurred Loss and ALAE Ratio 0-15% 16-25% 26-35% 36-45%
Maximum Dividend Payout as a Percentage of Premium 40% 15% 10% 5%
  • Must be written within 12-month period (6/1 – 5/31)
  • All policies must be in effect for the full policy term
  • All policies must be audited and paid in full
  • Dividend will be calculated 18 months after the end of the 12-month period
  • No loss development factors are applied
  • The Board of Directors must approve and declare a dividend prior to issuance
  • Must be a current policyholder to receive payment of dividend (regardless of year)

Whether you need comprehensive coverage or customized solutions, we’re here to help you find the right fit for you.

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