Your boat is an investment, and you should treat it that way by obtaining insurance coverage on it year-round. Although in many cases coverage is not required by state laws, your lien holder is likely to mandate coverage. It’s a good idea to have boat insurance protection in any case to protect you.

There are several different types of boat insurance available, including watercraft liability coverage, watercraft medical payments coverage, property coverage, repair cost, emergency services, uninsured watercraft coverage, agreed value options, personal effect coverage, boat trailer coverage, and additional boat equipment protection. To learn more about which combinations are right for you, give our agents a call to get your questions answered right away. With boat insurance onboard, you don’t have to worry about the serious repercussions of major accidents that can impact the value of your treasured investment.

Boat insurance can go above and beyond by providing you protection against hefty repair costs and emergency services, which are known for adding up quickly. If a collision occurs, liability and medical payments coverage can step in to help pay for the costs associated with medical care and repairing damages to another person’s boat or property.

RVs and Other Vehicles

An RV is often an exciting but a big investment, and without some planning it comes with an inherent amount of risk. Before you hit the road for those wide open spaces in your RV, you need to be sure that you have adequate coverage on the entire vehicle in the event of loss or an accident. Typically, RV insurance has components drawn from both car insurance and home insurance to give you the unique solution you need to protect a recreational vehicle. RV insurance is separate from more traditional types of insurance because it’s technically providing protection for a specialty. If you drive ATVs, dirt bikes, or other vehicles that you want to insure, a customized solution can provide for valuable protection in the event of accidents. Don’t let a sudden accident or loss destroy how you spend your downtime. You should consult directly with an experienced insurance professional to select the right policies for all of your recreational vehicles.