As a business owner, you want your business to grow and reach its maximum potential while avoiding any mishaps that can set it back. One way to effectively protect yourself is through insurance, but how do you choose? To provide you with this worry-free feeling, LINKS Insurance is here to help. The proper combination of coverages are designed to stand by you every step of the way as you grow.

Here is a list of insurance policies that are available to provide you and your business with comprehensive coverage:

General Liability – Will protect you against lawsuits of property damage and bodily injury to third parties in or on your business premises.

Property – Protects your building & business personal property from fire and other perils.

Business owner’s Policy (BOP) – General liability, property, and other coverages can be combined into one policy called a BOP.

Errors and Omissions / Professional Liability – A new company or a small business needs to be protected against lawsuits when they give faulty advice or fail to give advice at all when they are in a hired position to do so.

Cyber Liability – The rising threat of hackers want to get their hands on your clients’ credit card numbers, bank accounts, and other sensitive information. This could cause you a number of very costly problems if they are successful. With this insurance, this threat is dealt with.

Workers’ compensation – This insurance protects you against accidents & injuries that may occur to yourself and employees while at work or caused by your operations.

Employment practices liability (EPL) – As a business owner, you need to make some decisions. These decisions may cause grief to some of your employees. With this insurance, you are protected against lawsuits for discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination of employment and other such allegations.

Business interruption – In the event you have to close your doors because of a loss or peril, this coverage will help to recoup some of that lost business.

Auto liability for hired and/or not owned vehicles – Many business owners do not know it, or do not pay attention to the fact that they could be held partially liable if an accident occurs to an employee of theirs that is driving their own car for the owner’s business purposes. To avoid this, a business owner can lease a car for their business. If that gets into a wreck they would covered with this insurance.[/li_item]

Umbrella liability – This is a supplementary policy that works with other underlying insurances that you already have. It provides a higher coverage of liability for potentially catastrophic losses.

Some of these policies need to be purchased separately. Some others may be combined into a single policy depending on the level of customization that each insurance company can offer.