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How Will the Trump Administration's Health Insurance Changes Effect Your Company

Posted by JoAnne Tubito on Feb 3, 2017 3:17:54 PM



Government policies and regulations effect how many small businesses operate.  They are often complex and staying in compliance can take up a large amount of time that business owners would much rather spend running their businesses.

Small businesses have to comply with both federal and state regulations which may become even more complex as some states have indicated they will counter the administration’s policies while others will follow.

We currently are at a moment of

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5 Ways to Eliminate Costly Employee Benefit Mistakes

Posted by Jason Bataille on Aug 30, 2016 11:20:07 AM


 Employee Benefits for a small business can increase an employees base salary by upwards of 40%.  It is not a surprise to anyone that employee benefits are expensive and many times a necessary thing to retain talent within your organization. What we often do not budget for are the costly fines and fees that are incurred when an all too common mistake happens. Navigating these waters doesn't have to be a giant guessing game, nor will you have to hire a consulting firm that will charge more than you can afford.  The information we are providing below is common knowledge and

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