We Are an Independent Agency

Dedicated to offering you, your family and your business, proper protection through the most valuable insurance services possible.

Our agents are experienced and specialized in their fields and will provide you with the knowledge you need to make the best decision for the insurance product(s) you require.

What We Do

Insurance policies can be treacherous and complicated if you are not familiar with the terminology. It is also time-consuming if you have to search the marketplace for quotations from multiple insurance agents & companies.

Here at Links Insurance Services, we do that for you. After we shop the best rates, plans and programs available to you, our representatives will take the time to translate how the coverage applies to the world you live and work in. Our comprehensive, yet simple approach enables you to make an informed and confident decision.

How We Work

Links works for you, and not the insurance company. When you make a request, we approach the insurance companies (on your behalf) to inquire about the package or deal that best matches your request. We are in close cooperation with over 100 carriers, which translates into always being able to find the company and coverage that exactly suits your situation. In essence, we find the right policy for our client, we do not find the best client for the policies we sell.

Why Choose Us?

You probably have heard many reasons to choose an insurance agent. Here is how we strive to be different:
We understand the risks that you face, we understand your concerns, we understand the perils that surround you, but most of all, we understand YOU. After all, our passion is YOU.